Sesame Toast

Its time to make sesame toast! Quick, easy and no deep fry required. Great for someone who is trying to get fit but also wants to eat yummy food. Its a perfect snack when you are hungry and have just few ingredients at home. It is also a great starter to serve to your guests. You can have this as it is (coz it is soo yummy) or with ketchup or mint chutney.

Sesame seeds for coating
3 bread slices
around 50g of boiled potato, 50g of carrot & 50g of peas
salt & pepper to taste
oil for brushing
cornflour & refined flour paste (mix 1-2tsp of cornflour + 1-2tsp of refined flour + water to make a thick paste)

1.You can add any veggies of your choice but make sure you mash them so that its easy to spread
2.You can add any seasonings of your choice depending on your taste
3.Here I’m using my philips airfryer to make this.. but you can also deep fry this!


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