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Firstly I would like to tell you about vegetarianism or what is being a vegetarian exactly.
Vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat or fish, and sometimes other animal products, especially for moral, religious, or health reasons.
There are 3 types of vegetarians . namely:
Consumes dairy and eggs
Consumes only dairy and no eggs
Consumes only eggs

Today I’m gonna tell you about lacto-vegetarian. I myself am a lacto-vegetarian. I consume dairy but not eggs. These days people consider eggs as veg but I personally don’t.
We all know that protein is important. But what does it do exactly? today I will tell you the functions of protein.

The biggest question for all lacto-vegetarians is that how and from where do we get our protein?
But first I would like to tell you that for all vegetarians or lacto-vegetarians, 1g per kg bodyweight is considered. For e.g. if you are 50kgs, you need atleast 50g of protein per day to get your minimum protein requirement.
To include protein in your diet, you don’t have to eat eggs or be a hardcore non-vegetarian who eats chicken, meat, etc.
We can get protein from a lot of different sources of food.
Cows Milk, Cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese or paneer, soy milk, soy beans, tofu are all complete proteins.. Which means they contain all the nine indispensable amino acids in sufficient quantity and ratio to meet the bodys needs.
Quinoa and amaranth or in Hindi we call it rajgira also has a very good amount of protein.

Beans like chickpeas and kidney beans, lentils, pulses, nuts and seeds like chia are all incomplete proteins sources.. which means they are deficient in one or more of the nine indispensable amino acids.

Benefits of being a vegetarian:
1.Lower levels of dietary saturated fat and cholesterol.
2.Higher intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, soy products, finer and phytochemicals.
3.lower body mass index and prevalence of obesity.
4.Better lipid profiles and lower rates of each from cardiovascular disease including hypertension.
5.effective management of type 2 diabetes and lowering of the risk of type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer

A vegetarian diet usually lacks in iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin d, vit b12 and omega 3 fatty acids. You should consider taking a supplement especially for vit b12 and omega 3.

Add a whey protein or soy protein shake in your daily diet if you are not able to meet your minimum protein requirement through food alone.

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Marathon Nutrition – What to eat pre/during/post run

A good diet filled with the right nutrients is an essential part of any exercise routine, but it’s especially important for endurance events like marathons.Your nutrition plan needs to kick in at least a few weeks before the big day. Experimenting with foods before and after a run and finding recipes you like is important – the last thing you need during the race is an unhappy stomach.

Your exercise routine should consist of some cardio, foam rolling and circuit training and some body weight exercises. Swimming is also a good exercise as it will help in improving your heart rate.

Your nutrition plan must have atleast 5-6 meals a day.
A runners diet usually is high in carbs and moderate protein and fat.

A few hours before any long run, eat a meal high in low GI carbohydrates, moderate in protein and low in fat to give your body all the nutrients it needs for the next few hours. Porridge with fruits, a chicken sandwich and fruit or a bagel and peanut butter are good options.
and a fruit Half an hour prior to the start of the race.

During the run Choose specially designed sport gels and isotonic drinks and sip on it every 20mins

After the run Drink plenty of fluids to replace water and electrolytes lost through sweat and Immediately consume protein & carb based snack. eg. Protein shake + fruit or eggs + bread

Some supplements which you should consider taking are:
Whey protein :
Carb gel :
Sports drink :
Caffeine :
Bcaa :
Glutamine :
Vit b12 :

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How to stay fit while travelling

Don’t let travel put a dent in your diet. Adopt these rules of on-the-go nutrition, and never go hungry again.just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to eat foods that will leave you feeling depleted, bloated, and tired.Making better food choices will have a positive impact on your leisure time.Taking control and ensuring that you boost nutrition while travelling can go a long way in ensuring you’re neither tired nor cranky upon arriving at your destination.

Here are some tips to help you eat healthy while you’re travelling:
Bite-sized dry fruits: Pep up your boring snacking options with loads of dried fruits like prunes, apricots and dates, which are nutritious energy boosters. Dried fruits are some of the healthiest alternatives to refined sugar, while also adequately satisfying a craving for sweets. Eating dried fruits while travelling is a great way to get the needed vitamins and nutrients.
Trail mix: This is an easy-to-make snacking option which you can store in an air-tight container while on the move. Combine raw nuts and seeds, and dried cranberries for a basic trail mix. Give it a glint of sweetness with dark chocolate chips, or if you want something with both crunch and spice, try adding wasabi peas. And don’t forget the trail mix classic: raisins and peanuts. Change that up a bit, by mixing 2 tablespoons of dried cranberries and 1 tablespoon of peanuts and you have a single-serving, 100-calorie snack!
Pack pre-prepped veggies: Carrots, celery sticks, broccoli florets with mayonnaise dip. Raw, pre-washed and prepped vegetables are snacks you can always feel good about. Some road trip-friendly choices include cherry tomatoes, snack-sized or baby carrots, broccoli florets, celery sticks and snap peas, but any of your favourite vegetables will stay fresh when sliced and stored in an insulated cooler.
Yoghurt with granola bars: Crumble granola bars into a yoghurt cup for a sweet and crunchy snack. Travel with pre-packaged bars and yoghurt cups to combine together the goodness of both, while on the go. Overall, this is an easily portable and healthy snacking option, which is effective for controlling your sweet cravings while on the go.
Apple juice: Soda’s high levels of refined sugar and empty calories have been linked to obesity, among other conditions and illnesses. So, you can tingle your taste buds with a healthy and refreshing beverage alternative like 100 percent Apple juice. Packed with Vitamin C, fibre and anti-oxidants, it’s both a healthy and delicious way to keep your energy up while travelling.

When eating at a restaurant:
-watch your portion size
-choose healthier options like grilled, sautéed, steamed over deep fried.
-go for salads, clear soups

Lastly, Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol. Keep yourself hydrated at all times. And eat every 2-3 hours.

Now lets come to the fitness part.
While travelling, I recommend doing some free hand and bodyweight exercises.
Try to walk around as much as possible.
You can carry a jump rope. It is lightweight and portable. And you can do a 20min jump rope exercise in your hotel room itself.
I also suggest doing push ups, squats, lunges and some ab exercises.
If your hotel has a swimming pool and you know how to swim, just go for it! Its the best full body exercise.
And don’t forget to stretch! It increases flexibility, circulation and clams the mind.

Check out my video on stretching video :

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Top 25 Healthy Snacks | Healthy Snack Ideas

Top 25 Healthy Snacks | Healthy Snack Ideas 2017-2018 (Hindi) | Fitness and Nutrition Expert | iTheFitDiva

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What is stretching & how to stretch?

For decades, many people stretched before a workout but according to a new exercise guideline issued by the American College of Sports Medicine specifically advised against static stretching before workouts or competitions.

To stretch a muscle, it should be put in a position that produces a slight pull on the muscle but not to the point of pain. With a static stretch, the position in which a slight stretch is felt should be held 15-30 seconds, and each stretch should be repeated 3-5 times on each side of the body. The primary note regarding stretch position is that it should not cause pain or take the joint past the normal range.

If you have lost some joint motion or feel stiff, range of motion or stretching activities should be done daily. The muscles that are most often tight are the hamstrings, hip flexors, calves and chest muscles.

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Daily Health tips to remember

Try these daily tips that will help you and your family take a step-by-step approach to eating healthy.

*cut back on sodium : switch to reduced sodium products like low sodium broth and soy sauce. Use herbs and spices instead of salt to flavour your dishes

*focus on whole fruits : focus on whole fruits by choosing whole fruits more often than fruit juice. Fresh, frozen, canned, dried and pureed fruit all count. Choose options that have little or no added sugars

*vary your veggies : vary your veggies by eating different colours throughout the week. Green, red, orange and other colour veggies all pack a nutritional punch.

*make dairy part of your meal : use plain low fat yogurt as a sandwich spread or in a smoothie
Use dairy in breakfast by making coffee or tea with low fat milk, oatmeal with milk instead of water.

*snack on food group combo : try yogurt and berries, apple with peanut butter, whole grain crackers with turkey and avacodo.

*stay hydrated : carry a reusable water bottle with you throughout the day. It can save you time , money and make choosing a healthy beverage easy.

*fill up on fibre : fruits and vegetables are high in finer, which helps you feel full. Fill half your plate with fruits and veggies.

*cook it once serve It twice : for faster week night meals, cook it once and serve it twice. Use leftover cooked chicken to make a chicken salad or use as a topping for pizza or pasta.

*craving some crunch? : toss spinach or kale with olive oil and a pinch of salt. Bake it in the over until crisp.

*coffee shop hack : ask for fewer pumps of sweetener in your drink. A sprinkle of cinnamon or cocoa powder can add flavour without added sugars.

*skip the sauce : instead, top veggies with low fat parmesan cheese or lemon juice to cut down on saturated fat and extra calories.

Late night cravings | What to eat at night?

Late Night Cravings | What to eat at night | How to eat healthy at night | Fitness and Nutrition Expert | iTheFitDiva

When late-night cravings strike, it can be easy to indulge.Sometimes your stomach doesn’t get the memo that it’s actually time to sleep…not time to eat.First of all, it’s kind of a myth that you won’t burn off anything you eat right before bed.So if you’re actually hungry, you should eat — no matter how late it is.If you’re going to eat before bed, pick something relatively light and leave some buffer time before you lay down.And avoid anything fatty, spicy, super sugary, or caffeinated.A good nighttime snack would be around 200 calories or less containing protein, complex carbs and some healthy fats.
Any of these light-but-filling combos should keep you full till morning.

1 cup carrot sticks + 3 tablespoons hummus

Banana bread with peanut butter

Low fat and sugar free whey protein bars

High fibre cereal and skim milk

Fresh fruits and nuts

Wholegrain crackers with cheese

Wholegrain toast with nut butter of your choice

Some of my personal favourites are:
Pistachio nuts – Pistachios are a nutrient-rich, simple snack.research shows that snacking on pistachios compared to other common snack foods like pretzels leads to more weight loss and greater reductions in cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Fresh fruits and nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews and peanuts

Flavoured greek yogurt with homemade granola

Or just plain milk.

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