What is Functional Training?

Most people exercise because they want to lose weight, maintain their weight, tone up, and relieve stress. Those are all valid reasons to commit to a fitness routine, but you can also exercise to simply improve the way you move throughout the day. There’s even a name for better-at-life forms of exercise: functional training.
Functional training obviously has some benefit, and can be a great addition to a well-designed strength program. FT is also Very effective at improving balance, stability, and coordination

So now let me show you how I do my functional training workout.
Kettle bell swings
Walking lunges
Push ups/ incline push ups
Pull ups
chair Squat
Step ups with dumbbell / step up knee lift
Lunge + squat (walking)
Jumping jacks
plie squats/sumo squats
Mountain climbers


Specialist in weight management – loss/gain/maintenance
Sports nutrition
General healthy eating & nutrition
Child nutrition

Helping you to meet your individual nutrition goals, we work together to develop personalised eating plans that take into consideration your food preferences, health, work, family & lifestyle.

For custom diet plans get in touch with me at info@prernajaddwani.com


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