Eating out tips | How to eat healthy at restaurants

With so many new restaurants coming up these days and that too with such amazing menus.. its hard to resist! But, Going to a restaurant shouldn’t be your excuse to eat unhealthy foods. Follow these tips and not only will you enjoy your meal more, you’ll feel satisfied and happy when you’re done.

Check the menu before you leave home
Order a salad before ordering anything else on the menu.
Ask the waiter to skip the bread basket.
Go for Tomato-Based Sauces Over Creamy Ones
Skip the fancy drinks.
Drink a glass of water half an hour before your meal
Skip the dessert

Some of the things which I recommend eating at a restaurant are:

Food options at a mall:
*Subway sandwich in whole wheat or multi grain bread – 6 inches without mayo and cheese.
Or subway salad
*hot dog without mayo
2 idlis with sambar

At a Chinese cuisine restaurant:
Clear chicken or vegetable soup
Chinese greens stew
Lemon fish (grilled/steamed) or sautéed tofu with veggies
Stir fry vegetables

At an indian cuisine restaurant:
Clear chicken/vegetable soup
Grilled/tandoori chicken or grilled veg platter
Green salad

Non veg / veg sizzler without fries and more veggies
Clear soup

At an Italian cuisine restaurant:
Clear soup
Pizza without cheese – 2 slices
Garden fresh salad


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