Post workout supplements – 1

A perfect post workout meal should be in the ratio of 3:1 of carbs and protein. You need to be careful of what you are eating immediately after your workout. Focus strictly on protein and carbs. Save your fat intake for other times during the day as it digests too slowly at this time and your primary goal is to get the right nutrients to the muscle tissues as rapidly as you possibly can. Fat will only halt this progress, working directly against your goals. Your post workout meal should focus on fast acting protein as well as some faster acting carbs. A post workout meal should ideally be taken within 30 to 60mins.

The most important supplement to take post-workout is a quality whey protein. depending on your goal, you can choose between a whey protein concentrate or a whey protein isolate.
I recommend taking a liquid meal because Whey protein is superior to whole-food protein immediately post-workout, for several reasons:
• Whey digests faster than other proteins.
• The amino-acid profile of whey is high in BCAAs.
• Whey contains little to no fat.
• Drinking a shake is quicker and easier than eating a post-workout meal.

By consuming whey protein mixed in water post-workout,you have given your muscles exactly what they need to repair the damage caused by your training session.
Creatine can also be mixed in your whey protein shake as it increases strength and power.
Another supplement worth considering If you have muscle soreness issue, you could add a supplement called ‘glutamine’ in your whey protein shake or have it as it is with water before bed.

Also, having a fruit along with your protein shake is a good carb option .I recommend an apple. If you don’t have a fruit in hand, you could have dried fruits like dates.

By consuming the proper amounts and types of carbs, protein, and supplements, you can replenish the energy used during training, repair the muscle tissue you broke down, and increase muscle protein synthesis. All of these things should lead to increased muscle growth, strength, and recovery.

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