Pre-workout Meals

Your pre workout nutrition is as important as your breakfast. But what you eat as your pre workout snack depends on several factors, including the duration and intensity of training and the timing of previous meals. If you are eating within 60-90mins prior to your training, keep this meal lower in fat content and focus more on carbs and protein as fat takes a longer time to break down and digest in the body and as a result, eating fats before your exercise could leave you feeling sluggish and possibly with cramps. If you are eating more than 90mins before working out, you will have enough time to digest the meal. A balanced mix of protein, cabs and fat can then be consumed.
Don’t train fasted. Training while fasting was a staple in the bodybuilding realm for decades. But just because everyone was doing it—and, unfortunately, many still do—doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.You can increase fat loss in the morning by carefully considering how you prepare for your pre-workout meal.
The protein you use in your pre-workout doesn’t always have to come from an animal.

Hummus And Pita bread provides not only complete protein, but the long-lasting energy you’ll need for your workout.
Other complementary pairings to consider for your pre-workout meal include rice and beans, peanut butter on whole-grain bread, or a black-bean burrito (beans, veggies, and cheese in a whole-grain tortilla). These all provide that perfect combination of carbs and protein to keep your workout humming

Other options to consider are:

Protein bars

Fruit smoothies like banana smoothie made with yogurt is a very good option.

Wholegrain bread, sweet potato and brown rice.

Waffles made from oatmeal and banana.

An omelet with veggies like broccoli, mushrooms, bell peppers with cheese.

Egg whites and spinach omelet

Fruit and nut wrap(whole wheat)

If you don’t like to cook or you are short on time, a pre-workout supplement is worth considering. A quality pre-workout can help energize you for training, get a better pump while working out, and potentially help you workout out stronger and longer with ingredients like creatine and beta-alanine.

A caffeine shot 20mins prior the workout is also what I recommend. It increases alertness, focus, performance and also enhances fat burning.

If you want to take a fat burner supplement, before your workout is the best time to take it.

And Most important, don’t overeat before you workout. These are all snack suggestions, not meals.

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