Healthy Breakfast

When you’ve been asleep for 8 or so hours, you haven’t eaten for at least 8 hours, possibly more like 10 or 11 hours. The best way to break the starvation of your muscles is to have a hearty breakfast as soon as possible as you wake up. Breakfast is the meal to kick start your day with and you don’t want to go too light here.Start the day off right by feeding your muscles so you can have enough energy to power through the day and through tough workouts. Your breakfast should contain a good dose of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Skipping on breakfast could leave you feeling less energised as your day gets going and this will just lead to a total lack of energy as the afternoon comes along. It is often said that for optimal energy levels, breakfast should be the largest meal of the day with each subsequent meals becoming smaller and smaller.
I’ll suggest you some breakfast meal ideas which are easy to make, quick and most important, taste really good!

French toast with veggies
Bread dipped in egg batter and cooked on a non stick pan with very less oil.
A bowl of stir fry veggies like mushrooms, bell peppers, corn.

Cereal + skim milk
Muesli with dried fruits and nuts or Corn flakes with nuts and dried fruits + skim milk + a fruit like banana, strawberries, kiwi

Granola with fresh seasonal fruit + greek yogurt

Protein smoothie – Chocolate coffee shake with a fruit
Chocolate whey protein, skim milk, coffee powder + A Banana

Instant oatmeal, vanila flavoured whey protein, cinnamon for some spice + chopped almonds and topped with chia seeds.

Quinoa fruit salad
Cooked quinoa with freshly cut mix fruits.

**Some Indian breakfast ideas
Poha with made with veggies(peas, onion, boiled potato), raw peanuts, steamed moong sprouts

Oats Dosa
Oats, Rava, curd, veggies

Dal toast
Mixed dal batter, whole wheat bread

Paneer parathas

All the options which I have mentioned are between 200 to 300 calories each.

If you need any recipes or if you are looking for some more meal ideas then you can let me know in the comment section below and I will try to post them on my page!

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