10 reasons why its good to shop everyday!


  1. You’ll get to know your style. Clueless about your tastes when it comes to shoes or bags? The more you’re out there looking, the clearer it’ll become. Once you start to see a pattern, it’s officially a thing.
  2. There are outfit ideas! Not all sites have excellent styling, but some definitely do. Whether you’re consciously studying or it’s just by osmosis, clicking through smartly put-together outfits while you’re browsing Zara or Madewell’s latest arrivals will help you when you’re staring at your own closet.
  3. You’re more likely to solve that fashion problem that’s been nagging you. All of us have some sort of story about the one perfect item missing from our closet. For instance, if you’ve been looking for a filmy tank in a particular shade of gray to wear under a sweater you own, you’re way (way!) more likely to find it if you’re out there searching every day.
  4. You’ll always get your size. Certain pieces are so special they’ll never go on sale, and, chances are, they were made in a relatively small run, so if your size is gone, it’s gone. Keep your eyes open always and you’re less likely to come back to a bookmarked item weeks later and find out your size sold out a week ago.
  5. You’ll be early to the good sales. There’s nothing worse than stumbling on a supersale after it’s been happening for days (especially when it’s online so you can see the amazing things that were there and now, sadly, sold out). Never be tardy to the party again!
  6. You’ll be popular. Chances are, every group of girlfriends has a supershopper. She’s the one everyone comes to when they need a recommendation for a black dress with sleeves like this and a hemline like that. It’s fun to be that girl — trust me.
  7. You’ll always have the answer. Have a friend who’s getting married and requested all of her bridesmaids pick baby blue, floor-length gowns? Let the other ladies scramble to find something. You already know exactly where you’re heading to make a purchase.
  8. You’ll know it when you see it. If you limit your shopping to one big extravaganza, there’s too much of a danger stress or exhaustion will make you settle on something and just resign to buying it. But if you’re checking out the offerings every single day? There’s no pressure to find “it” on a particular day, and after seeing item after item, you’ll know when you see the right one.
  9. Identifying pieces will be second nature. I still get such a thrill when I see a celebrity or street style star wearing something and I know, no doubt about it, what the brand is.
  10. You’ll identify trends. Consider shopping real-life field work to identifying the major trends of the season. If you see a certain silhouette or print at the majority of the shops you’re frequenting, it’s happening.

Source: popsugar.com

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