Yoga Class review – Golds Gym


So after a lot of thinking and planning for months, I finally decided to go for the yoga class at the gym today. And let me tell you..It was awesome!

I had been hearing a lot about the yoga class at the gym from a lot of people here.. and I thought I should give it a try. And today was the day! It was not like other power yoga classes which I have attended who make you do 100’s and 1000’s of surya namaskars like crazy! This class comprised of few warm up exercises,few surya namaskars (I don’t remember how many we did but definitely not 100 ! hahahah ) ..then we did some stretches,some exercises for the abs and core and finally cool down.

Everyone knows there are a lot of benefits of doing yoga.. not just for weight loss but also to maintain, tone and increase flexibility. And the craze and awareness of yoga is increasing day by day especially after the International Yoga day was celebrated on the 21st of June 2015. For a person like me who does not like to do slow yoga or fast yoga,  this was perfect.

I recommend this class to anyone who works out there or is planning to join the gym. I will definitely try to attend the yoga class at least once a week from now on! You should too! 🙂

P.S. : For those who don’t know, I workout at Golds Gym, Oshiwara in Mumbai. A Member here since 10 years.

Guys I would love to have your feedback on this. What do you think about the yoga class here?

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