Clothing classics for women – Wardrobe staples

The 6 Clothing Pieces You Can Repeat Without Anyone Noticing

It’s true that we spend the majority of our time chasing trends, calling out the next “It” item, or rounding up statement-making pieces that, in all honesty, won’t live past a season (or if we’re lucky, two). The reality of it is that our wardrobe survives, not on these standout one-offs, but on unforgettable everyday basics.

It’s these basics that are essential to assembling outfits when it’s crunch time in the mornings. And it’s way easier to get away with wearing the same pieces multiple times (well, within reason) in a single week when they’re not only timeless, but also less memorable—and we don’t mean that in a negative way. Any item that boasts wild prints, loud colors, or any kind of special detailing (embellishments, cut-outs, unique hemlines or silhouettes) is immediately unforgettable. It catches the eye, and it jogs the memory when it’s worn again.

“The pieces you can repeat over and over again are the classics that you can build and layer in between them,” says Hollywood power stylist Hayley Atkin. On that note, we pared it down to six key pieces that can carry their weight in wear-count over the span of, not seasons, but years. Boring, yes, but they’re outfit-savers.


1. Black Blazer
2. White Shirt
3. Grey t-shirt (or navy or black or white)
4. Black skinny jeans
5. Black pencil skirt
6. Black tank top

(All these classic pieces are available in most of the brands all the time)


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